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Can’t You Call Him Brother? Toyin Abraham Asks Aisha Lawal.

Actress Aisha Lawal was recently spotted on a movie set with Toyin Abraham.

Aisha then shared a video showing the moment she was hailing Toyin’s husband for taking care of her.

Toyin jokingly made Aisha address her and her husband respectfully.

In the video Aisha told Toyin’s Fans to come and see the actress who is popularly known as world best. As Toyin tried to hide her face, Aisha noted that her husband Kolawole Ajeyemi was taking care of her.

As Toyin heard her husband’s name, she asked why Aisha did not add brother to his name. Toyin also demand that Aisha should call her aunty.

The moment Aisha did as Toyin demanded, Toyin was overwhelmed and hug her.

They both went on to talk about Ire’s love for his Dad. According to Aisha, she was happy that the little boy followed his Dad.

In the caption Aisha asked why Toyin was fighting to be called aunty, she went on to appreciate the actress husband for taking good  care of her.

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