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Lyta’s Baby Mama Comes Back For Him Again, Saying That Lyta Paid Him Back With Evil After All She Did For Him.

Singer Kemi has taken to media to call out Lyta again.

The singer’s baby mama revealed that even when she needed to get diapers for their child when she was stranded, he did not come through.

Kemi revealed Lyta’s wrong doings in a series of post she made on her Instagram page.

This came the day after the singer apologized for his misbehavior.

According to Kemi, even though she has been trying to move on, the memories of some events gets her angry, and she wishes to pay people back with evil.

She recalled the day she called Lyta for money to get diapers when she got stranded, but Lyta told her he doesn’t have anything which led her to use Tissue on the baby.

Kemi also revealed how she took care of Lyta and his manager despite the fact that he denied the son upon saying he wants a child.

Wahala be Like Bicycle!!! Kemi continues to drag the living daylight out of him like I better pass my Neighbor’s Generator!!!

Kemi also claimed that Lyta only contributed N40,000 from the time she gave birth.

She explained how Lyta abandoned her and her child and refused to help financially.

She also said she has been responsible for the child’s upkeep and she never ask him for anything because she’s working and she’s okay.


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