Nigerian Man Shares Outrageous Letter He Got From His Landlord After He Made A Post Online.

The stunned man shares a letter he got from his landlord after a post he made on internet.

A Nigerian Man was taking by surprise after a letter he received from his landlord days after a social media rant.

Olumide Glowville as he was identified as, in a Facebook post said he had made a post targeted at house owners and now received an increment notice.

In the letter he shared which was communicated by his landlord’s lawyer, olumide was being notified that his 2 bedroom rent has increased from N450,000 to N550,000.

And the new increment was excluding security and cleaners salaries, the letter had contained. The house is located at Lagos State Nigeria.

Olumide wrote:

I made a post about Landlords this week and I got this memo from my landlord tonight.

“This is too outrageous to get me angry. I’d rather laugh about it.

Canada ti ya o”

Nigerians expressed outrage over the increment and knocked the house owner for it. While others disagree to pay such amount for 2 bedroom flats.

Glowree Ugochukwu reacted:

People are just mad in this country, How is inflation affecting rent? Even with the said inflation, he still have mind to increase rent asif they increased ur salary at work and the inflation isn’t also affecting u. Nigerian landlords always looking for ways and opportunities to extort money. He didn’t add 10/20k. A whole 100k? Mtcheew.”

Olajiga olusegun John said:

550k annual rent???

1 of the reasons why late marriages will always be on the increase”

Tee Roselle said:

“Maybe the man heard you guys when you were discussing about getting a car,  your madam even mentioned Range Rover sport, Baba sharply did his calculation.



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