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Ontop Crayfish and Plantain: Reactions as Lady Shares N16k Meal She got Served.

A Twitter user recently left people stunned after revealing what she got served for N16,000.

Identified as Sopulu, she posted a video that showed the 3-prawn and 6 fingers of fried plantain meal.

Several social media users have shared varying reactions to the post.

When it comes to exotic dining, it appears not every food presentation is a win, and Twitter user Sopulu can attest to this.

She took to Twitter to share a video of a dish she got served, adding that it cost N16,000. The dish which comprised of three prawns on a stick and six fried plantain slices left Sopulu unimpressed.

According to her, the cost of the meal which she revealed was gotten at a fancy Lagos Hotel four points, was simply daylight robbery.

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