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Treat Your Health Right Without Rush Or Stress. Actress Halima Abubakar Advices.

The star said some people pass away from lack of adequate rest, as she took to media a post creating awareness on mental health.

She also advise Fans to do away with anything that will bring them stress.

In a post she shared on her Instagram account, she stated that about 60percent of deaths are caused by lack of adequate rest.

She continued by urging Fans to treat there health right and fill themselves with Love.

She advised people to put their mental health first in situation and avoid any form of stress and rush.

She accompanied the post with a photo of herself dressed in a beautiful yellow ball gown with makeup and accessories to match.

Her fans and colleagues agreed with her in the comment section:


“Yes sis”


“You are correct princess”


“Thank you queen”


“Very important”


“You are very correct”


“Thank you for sharing this”


“Very true”


“Momma your health is our wealth, keep on the beauty”.

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